Nimbus air bed

235,000 210,000

The Nimbus? 4 is an advanced Mattress Replacement System (MRS) from Arjohuntleigh, widely known for their excellence in durability, quality and reliability. It is equipped with changing pressure redistribution facilities and special venting valve technology with automatic control of cell pressures (Heelguard?), to offer improved solutions and effective pressure relief for varieties of patient/resident management problems. In addition to that, it provides automatic adjustment to the posture, size and weight of a person, optimizing comfort and pressure relief. It has a two-way stretch cover that comes with the properties of water resistance and Cover Vapor permeability, so as to give a comfortable pressure redistribution to the utmost level. To prevent unwanted fluids from entering the device, its topmost cover is linked to its base with the help of concealed zips.

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