Lap Sponge with X-Ray

The Lap Sponge with X Ray supplied by us breathes in quality and hygiene and are widely used in hospitals, clinics and other medical industries. These sponges conform to the international standards and are available in all standard sizes. We offer these medical gauges in American & French Folds.

Following essential features:


  • 60% barium x-ray thread in black / blue color x-ray thread imported from U.K.
  • Available in Peel-to- Open & Blister Pack pouches
  • Automatic Packing in BOUDA (Austrian) Machines / AKAB (French)
  • Highly reliable for critical surgical operations
  • Trusted by Doctors in more than 32 Countries
  • 100% untouched by hand
  • No hassles of cutting & stitching
  • Available with / without X-Ray Thread with / without Loop Sterilized by ETO / Non- Sterilized


Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece